If Teaching is your Art

by Agata Maziarz

If teaching is your art as writing is for writers
as painting is for painters and parenting – for moms.
If it’s your art as beauty is for flowers and raining
– for the raining drops.
Then go from all the spaces, from all the faces and realms
which take from you your art and juices letting you alone with pain.

Go from any space which hides a cynic
behind a handsome smiling face;
which pays for art with words of glory,
with luxurious events and little cash
that never brings the right conditions
for you to live your art with grace.

Go from those who value feminism only as a fancy trend to catch
misusing teaching women for their generous and humble hearts.
It is those who’ll make you scary
once you start to glow,
who will ask from you an interest
once you earn a little from your creative flow.

Go from place of different cultures, misusing modest eastern hearts,
paying them a little, while having more than enough.
There is a word for that I wish I wouldn’t mention
But keeping silent doesn’t help.
Naming patterns brings attention
to pain and wounds that wouldn’t heal
if once we don’t say loudly:
Colonial?! I don’t accept!”.

Go from those who swear to be transparent,
while offering a deal behind another’s back.
Say no and say it loudly –
money doesn’t pay for broken trust.

Go from those which in the name of education
run after goals material and flat;
believing they can have the art of your attention
without your shabby edges and the wisdom of your heart.

Go from those with whom you feel
you need to prove that teaching is your art.
Go and do not lose your lifetime, if teaching is your art.

One day you will arrive at places
so gorgeous, where you can give your heart
to people who will know by nature
that Teaching is an Art. 

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