Curricula Design

Competency Profiles & Curricula Design

Translating the desired outcomes of a programme into teaching/learning steps for adult learners and designing suitable learning forms and spaces for them is the foundation of the programmes’ impact and quality.

by Agata Maziarz

This is why I support foundations and NGO’s to increase the efficiency of their educational programmes through Curricula Design. Together we have a deeper look at the programme’s aims, analyse in what way those can be ‘translated’ into realistic learning goals for the fellows and design suitable and effective curricula, which:

  • ensure that the trainings offered best fit to the learning goals the programme aims at achieving
  • ensure the quality of the programme
  • serve as basis for knowledge management.

To make that possible, I offer the following formats, which can be combined:

  • Competency Profile and Curricula Development Workshop – a 1-2-day workshop, in which I support the programmes responsible team to develop a good rough draft of a programme curriculum;
  • Conceptual Curricula Design – based on the decisions taken participative by the team and with the help of my consultations, I develop further the rough draft into a print-ready Programme Curriculum;
  • Curricula Tool Design – consultations on adjustment and improvement of training tools, format and spaces (including tools such as online learning, mentoring, coaching, learning journaling etc.), based on existing formats and currently used curricula
  • Programme Educational Impact Evaluation – this is a longer process, in which I evaluate profoundly the educative effects of programmes using empirical research methods from the academic field of Adult Education Sciences, identifying strong and weak sides as well as unused potentials, which build the basis for a written analysis and report, suggesting improvements.