by Agata Maziarz

Coaching is a specific type of conversation which aims at bringing about solutions. It’s a process consisting of several conversations: from one-two up until six-seven sessions, each lasting for about an hour. A Coaching process focuses on a specific situation, challenge or problem. Inspiring and useful questions help inventory the current situation and map desired future developments, while paying attention on individual needs and goals, fears and wishes as well as existing resources. What Coaching is up for is clarity and proper solutions to existing challenges – solutions, which we feel are ours because we have developed them on our own, supported by a Coach. Yet sometimes nothing pragmatical but getting to know another piece of oneself and embracing inner growth through Coaching happen to be the solution for an existing challenge – and the Outcome of a Coaching process.

I offer Coaching in the following shapes:

Individual Coaching

A short- (1-5 Sessions) or long-term (up to 6-7 sessions) one-to-one counselling process suitable for individuals working in fields related in a broad sense to education, social change and creativity, who want to master challenges in professional or personal areas of their lives. Besides, I offer individual Coaching for professionals from educational organisations in the context of organisational development (as one among several elements to accompany the organisation through development or change process) or in the shape of supervision, offering space for reflection about and improvement of the own work.

Team Coaching

This is an offer for teams of educators, which can include team work dynamic and/or conceptual Coaching and Counselling (support and advice by the draft-programme design of the educational event the team facilitates). Team Coaching might be also useful some days or weeks after a common facilitation experience – to reflect on it, to evaluate it and to gather the fruits it has brought for the future.

On-the-job Coaching

This service is specially designed for educators or teams of educators, who wish or need accompaniment during their facilitation of an educational event. The focus is on receiving Feedback for facilitated sessions as well as suitable input-impulses related to current practise and requests. The aim is to improve educator’s teaching, moderating and facilitating performance. On-the-job Coaching contains components from team supervision, on-the-job training and individual Coaching.

Besides, I offer the following trainings and workshops, related to Coaching:

Trainings in Coaching

Coaching tools and professional frame of Consulting/Counselling for professionals, working in the context of adult education.

Trainings in Mentoring

Mentoring tools and professional frame of Learning Supervision for educators who accompany long-term learning processes of adults.

Reflection Workshops

a specific offer for teams of educators and/or of coaches/counsellors who seek to cultivate practices of mental hygiene. In the workshop the team members reflect on their working experience, solve unsolved cases and receive space to digest emotional load of their work with people. Besides, they learn how to structure, organise and integrate a regular practice of peer-support (intervision) in their everyday working life to solve emotional overwhelming, strengthen professionality and prevent burn-out.  

by Agata Maziarz

The way I work:

I believe that there’s a strong connection between the resources of our personality and the strategies we chose for dealing with internal and external challenges on the one hand, and our ability to hold safe, brave and fruitful space for others to learn and develop and for us to feel fulfilled, on the other. I have witnessed how the personal maturation of colleagues and clients has been letting their pedagogical work flourish in a satisfying way both for them and for their students and participants. I have witnessed that in my own journey, too. Knowing the dynamics of ups and downs of discoveries both in personal and professional sense and feeling confident about the rewards, which transformation of challenges into integrity and strength inevitably brings, I find courage and skills to accompany others on their path of discoveries – short or long. The following notions charachterise my Coaching work:


Aware of the needs of adults in learning processes, my interest as a Coach is to enable my clients grasp and understand their process rationally, too, and not only emotionally: I think that a relationship on eye-level is the best possible shape in which I can support the development of others; the rational understanding is also necessary, because in this way clients can keep control over their own “journey” and chose on their own next steps, thus making new experiences of self-efficacy. Besides, it serves the sustainability of the Coaching process, helping clients to cultivate what is favourable for them and integrate that in their everyday lives, benefiting from it beyond the duration of the Coaching process.

Choosing a path

Sometimes problems need pragmatical solutions: understanding; improving a skill; clarifying roles can do it, for example. Other times challenges require emotional work to get overcome in a sustainable way – work which sometimes may lead towards the depths of our inner, shaped by past experiences or towards the uncharted waters of longings and dreams for a better future. This inner work is rewarding and yet can be in- and extensive. It may knock on the door on a good day – or at times we’d better pass through if we don’t open the door immediately. Both is fine. To make it transparent on the way, which different route-possibilities for the achievement of my clients’ goals do exist in my opinion and what each one might bring, is my way to enable my clients express their preference about the depth and the intensity of the path to take, considering their own priorities and resources in that moment.


In Coaching I use methods from several different schools, as well as combinations of them, according to what serves best the process of my client(s). The main approaches I have been trained at are the ones of the Systemic Coaching & Counselling and the one of PBSP® – a mind-body approach to emotional well-being. Besides, I use plenty of other methods which efficacy I have come to value first on my own, such as mindfulness practices as developed in Krisin Neff’s remarkable concept of Mindful Self-Compassion, and creativity-nurturing tools originating from Julia Cameron’s creative recovery system “The Artist’s Way”. Yet I believe that wholehearted listening for understanding and the visualisation of inner maps are the roots of any professional counselling support – and that is where mine starts from, too.


More than anything else connected to Coaching, I love the clarity which a skilfully led conversation between a coach and a client can bring about: that moment when inner landscapes of one’s situation suddenly appear in front of one’s eyes as a crystal-clear view we suddenly gain after having climbed the top of a mountain. That breath-taking bewilderment just for being able to see the view and for all these being real – not a dream we phantasies about for years, nor a Pinterest-post or a picture from a guided meditation someone else has drawn for us. For me it is happiness, honour and a wholehearted calling to accompany others towards this festive moment of clarity and the conscious fruitful actions which might follow from the newly gained vision.


You can approach me via the contact form, leaving in your message your name, email, mobile phone for contact and a short description of your request. I will contact you for a free-of-charge first conversation, which lasts about 30 Minutes. If we decide to work together in a Coaching process, we will then agree together on the next steps.