Trainings for Educators

by Agata Maziarz

I have made it to my mission to create, offer and enable Train-the-Trainer events, which make use of all resources available and consider effectively the specifics of adult learning. To foster a culture of diversity-embracing, inclusive and integer non-formal education, created by skilful educators, who walk their talk and know how to enable learning of different kinds for different learners, I offer the following ways of supporting organisations and institutions in enabling, designing and realizing successful Train-The-Trainer events:

My Services

  • Curricula design for Train-the-Trainer and for Train-the-Coach programmes, which allow space for different types of competencies to be trained as well as provide suggestions for balancing between theory and practise in the learning process
  • Conceptualisation and Facilitation of Train-the-Trainer and Train-theCoach educational events and longer courses
  • Concept-Coaching for trainer’s teams, who plan to facilitate a Train-the-Trainer or Train-the-Coach event or a longer course
  • Individual and Team supervision & on-the-job training during educational events and meetings, facilitated by the supervised trainers  
  • Individual learning Coaching for trainers and coaches-in-education
  • Participative design & realisation of publishing projects on Train-the-Trainer subjects

Besides design and facilitation of basic and advanced Trainings for Trainers and different consultation services in the field of Train-the-Trainer, I offer several specific modules, which can be booked for groups of trainers or for trainers’ pools and conducted in different lengths and depths, according to specific needs and resources:

Special Modules for Trainers’ Pools and pedagogical staff

by Agata Maziarz
  • Psychological aspects of Adult Learning – specifics and tools: insights from the fields of adult education, psychology and neurosciences to provide useful practical tools for effective teaching strategies for educational work with individuals and groups of adults
  • Ethical aspects of Adult Education: insights from the fields of adult educational science and educational management to provide concrete steps for successful and ethical framing of adult educational events – learner-oriented learning-goal-concept, transparent and integer course announcement, honest pre-course communication and effective after-course evaluation as tools to enable best learning opportunities within realized educational events 
  • Professionalisation of Educational Work: a training course for freelance trainers and pedagogical staff of organisations, providing constructive self-steering strategies for professional action between the different logics and actors of administration, management and pedagogical conceptualization of education. The aim is to be able to contribute to educational work of good quality in shared ownership and healthy working conditions in organisations or on the free market
  • Reflexion Workshop on pedagogical practices: an event for adult education practitioners, who would like to reflect on their educational work and improve it through integration of regular collegial feedback practises and intervision in their working routine