Mindful Facilitation

Mindful Facilitation gives a name to my approach to education and facilitation. It has developed over the years of practical educational work and in the exchange with others.

Mindful Facilitation subsumes for me different aspects of the understading, that educational processes can be best enabled, when educators give space to the current subjective experiences of their learners as a step into their integration and organic transformation.

Mindful Facilitation acknowledges attention and authentic interest in the learners’ developments, paired with full acceptance of whom they are today, as the main pedagogical tool to enable holistic Adult Learning. Mindful Failitation is about the awareness that as educators we hold space for development of others and our selves. It is about overtaking the responsibility for us as educators to first host ourselves in our selves, minds and bodies, before we host others in the educational space we create. It is about the acknowledgement that love, compassion, community, respect and embodiment are individable parts of Education for integrity.

And School of Mindful Facilitation is about working with educators, led by this consciousnes and understanding. School of Mindful Facilitation is a Vision for a didactical and epistemological Approach I have developed over the years in an intensive Exchange and collaboration with Diba Tuncer – a postcolonial Scholar, Trainer for Trainers and a beloved friend and colleague of mine,  who argues for the legitimacy of non-western and indigenous ways of learning and knowing.

Silvena Garelova, Diba Tuncer – picture by Agata Maziarz